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À la carte


  • Fish ceviche 18 

    Fresh, lemony and slightly spicy dish made with quinoa, seasonal raw vegetables and fish

  • Salmon tataki 16 

    Salmon tataki, yuzu miso and shiso sprouts

Main dishes

  • Maïna’s Kakiage 26 

    White fish and vegetable tempura, yuzu mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce, dancing bonito

  • Vegetable kakiage 22 

    Vegetable tempura with yuzu mayo and tonkatsu sauce, nori julienne

  • Chicken Supreme 32 

    Yellow chicken breast stuffed “umami”, cooked at low temperature, teriyaki sauce, anticucho duo

  • Mature beef 39 

    Bavarian sirloin matured for 120 days, stracciatella, truffled teriyaki sauce

Side dishes

  • Truffled puree 10 
  • Truffled salad
  • Truffled rice
  • Rice with vinegar
  • Plain rice


  • Lemon-yuzu tart 12 

    Creamy lemon - yuzu, crispy pastry, meringues and flowers

  • Baba with arranged rum 10 

    Baba soaked in a homemade rum, whipped cream Ask for the different flavors of rum!

  • Daïfuku duo 10 

    Sticky rice dough filled similar to mochi, whipped cream and meringues

  • Cappuccino and whiskey foam

    Creamy coffee infused, praline and speculoos, organic vanilla ice cream, whiskey mousse

  • Chocolate mousse

    Organic chocolate mousse from Peru, olive oil and Korean chili